Balsamic Vinegar

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The acid in vinegar should be noticeable but not dagger-sharp. The flavor ought to strike an enjoyable, lively balance between the tingle of the acid and the fruit of the wine it was made from; it should be full-bodied, with a long-lingering complexity. With these good, traditionally-made vinegar there are no rights and wrongs. Taste and compare—you’ll be surprised how much difference there is from one to the next and in the process, you’ll pick out your personal preferences. These are natural vinegar that may develop a yeast pillow over time—this is okay. Vinegar adds a nice flavor and a little extra zip to many things besides salads. Try adding a little to your pizza sauce, soup, or fresh fruit salad; include it in your marinade; use a few drops and a few capers to deglaze a pan after sautéing fish or chicken; add a few drops to cold soda water for a great summer drink; or set out a bowl of it for bread dipping.


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