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    Over the years, not much has changed in making a S. Clyde Weaver ham. One taste of our Natural Hardwood Smoked Ham, and you will know why. We are committed to offering you unique, high-quality products.

    That means starting with high-quality ingredients and not taking shortcuts. Discover the difference.

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    Meats and cheese in S. Clyde Weaver East Petersburg


    To fulfill the consumer’s need for a wide variety of fresh, high-quality meat, cheese, and related products.

    The quality of our product has a lot to do with the fact that we have been in business for 100 years. A lot of the same recipes and smoking methods are still used from 1920. Hams being hand processed, no water added, just pure 100% all-natural hardwood smoke. Bolognas being painstakingly hung, smoked, and fermented using the same old-time methods we always have. Cheeses aged for years upon years. Cookies still rolled, cut out and decorated by hand. Some foods and flavors take time, and there is no way around that. We strive to bring you those foods and those flavors and the best quality out of each product we put our name on.