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  • 12 Year Old Cheddar Cheese

    Aged Cheddar

    As the second most popular type of cheese in the United States, it's no wonder why we have such a soft spot for this delicious cheese at S. Clyde Weaver. We understand good things take time, which is why many of our aged cheddars have undergone a three-year or more aging process to help bring out their exceptional flavors. Find the perfect cheddar for sandwiches, mac and cheese or snacking when you shop our selection today.

    Everything Is Better With Cheddar

    Making great food is our passion, so we take the time to ensure all of our cheese offerings feature rich flavors and texture. Some of our many varieties of cheddar cheese for sale include:

    • Private Stock Cheddar Cheese: If you’re looking for a cheddar cheese that provides the ultimate richness, our Private Stock Cheddar Cheese is an ideal choice. This extra sharp cheddar undergoes a 10-year aging process, which allows it to harden to form a blend of textures and rich flavors.
    • Sharp Conestoga Cheddar Cheese: Our Sharp Conestoga Cheddar Cheese is a favorite in the Lancaster region and undergoes a one-year aging process to result in a smooth and easy-to-melt cheese. Pair this aged cheddar cheese with crackers or use it in fondue.
    • Super Sharp Canadian Cheddar: Enhancing recipes like quiche, scones and casseroles is easy with our Super Sharp Canadian cheddar. Our super sharp cheese undergoes a five-year aging process to create a stronger, more robust flavor you’ll want to sink your teeth into.
    • Vintage Canadian Cheddar: With a tangy taste and a firm texture, our Vintage Canadian Cheddar Cheese is a classic choice that pairs well with anything. Each brick undergoes a seven-year aging process to create a super sharp taste you’ll crave.

    Shop Our Online Selection Today!

    At S. Clyde Weaver, we’re passionate about creating exceptional cheeses. We have our cheeses undergo aging processes ranging from one to 21 years to create a range of flavors. Browse our exceptional selection of aged cheddar for sale online today!