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  • Condiments

    If you love Mustards, BBQ Sauces, glazes, and ketchup you have found the right place. We have a condiment for all those sausages, hot dogs, hams, sandwiches, and snacking. We offer sweet, savory, & smokey condiments for sale, ideal for any culinary magic you want to make.

    Lancaster, PA Mustards Offer More

    Are you a mustard connoisseur? Well, lucky for you we offer many satisfying varieties. A Mustard for all to enjoy. In fact, our mustards carry with them some unusual flavors from German mustard made with whole mustard seeds to our SCW honey mustard that is thick and sweet. Or try our SCW Chipotle mustard for a nice kick of heat! Some people cannot get enough of Long’s horseradish mustard or their spicy brown horseradish mustard.

    If you think you tried every mustard on the planet, we encourage you to expand your taste-testing into Lancaster County mustards. Pair them with Hammond’s pretzels as these recipes will have your mouth watering!

    Lancaster BBQ sauces for Sale From S. Clyde Weaver

    By far, one of the biggest requests we received was for BBQ sauces. So we have developed a line of BBQ sauces with flavors to fit everyone’s tastebuds. In fact, many households refuse to be without our classic sauces & glazes.

    We make our BBQ sauces the old-fashioned way, with bold smack-you-in-the-mouth flavors! The first ingredient in all of our sauces is LOVE. Our BBQ sauces are thick and luscious, making your foods like ribs or chicken on the grill fall off the bone delicious. However, if you’ve never tried you have no idea what you are missing. Our BBQ sauces are versatile and made for any meat to match all grilling needs.

    Lancaster Steak Sauces & Glazes for Sale Online

    Perhaps the crowning glory of the line of S. Clyde Weaver sauces is our Vidalia onion steak sauce and our bourbon glaze. No one is quite sure how it is so good, but with a few douses of our steak sauce or bourbon glaze your mouth and tastebuds are transformed into a euphoria of amazement!

    You absolutely owe it to yourself to try our Bacon Ketchup mustards, BBQ sauces or glazes at least once. Many people in our local area use them daily!