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  • S. Clyde Weaver retail store


    Amy N.

    Excellent deli for everyday and unique meats and cheeses. Plus an extraordinary cafe for sandwiches, etc. My favorite place for creating my own charcuterie. At this time of year their gift baskets are perfect for when you want to send local treats to out of town friends.

    Charles W.

    Great selection of cheeses and some decent charcuterie. Lots of other fresh meats, soups and much much more. Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Fantastic place!

    Cheryl A.

    Weaver’s meats have always been the best quality! Be careful and don’t buy from other stores or brands who claim to be Weaver’s brand because they are not the same quality.

    Chuck F.

    Unique, original, high quality PA Dutch deli. Great meats and cheeses. Friendly staff. Been a tradition in our family.

    Dan S.

    Best jerky ever! Old school quality never gets old. Thanks.

    Timothy P.

    Great locally sourced foods, nice selection of things and unlike most places they have unusual things to try that are actually tasty and delicious.

    Tom C.

    Very high-quality meats and cheeses matched by superior customer service. Now living in California but a central Pennsylvania boy, I can still get my ‘fix’ of smoked sausage, Lebanon and Sweet bologna and count on it being very fresh and flavorful.


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