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    We ship orders every Monday & Tuesday. Orders placed online will be sent out the next mailing day. During the months of May - September you may notice an increase in shipping costs as our perishable products needs to arrive in 1 day due to higher weather temperatures. You will receive an email on the day that your order ships.

    S. Clyde Weaver Hams Meats Shop now

    Boneless Ham

    From: $10.00

    Farm Style Sweet Bologna

    From: $5.60

    Lebanon Bologna

    From: $5.60

    Thin Sliced Smoked Dried Beef

    From: $21.60

    Ring Bologna

    From: $18.00

    Garlic Ring Bologna

    From: $18.00

    Grand Slam Snack Sticks


    Hot Venison Snack Sticks


    Elk Snack Sticks


    Kielbasa & Cheese Snacks

    From: $19.10

    Sweet Sticks with Cheese

    From: $16.60

    Sweet Bologna Sticks

    From: $16.60

    Smoked Sausage Links


    Old Fashioned Sweet Bologna

    From: $12.70

    Maple Apple Sausage Grillers


    Cheddar Sausage Grillers


    Sweet Italian Sausage Grillers


    Hot Italian Sausage Grillers


    Fresh Bratwurst Sausage


    Fresh Country Sausage

    From: $9.60


    From: $11.40

    Hippey Brand Hot Dogs – Regular

    From: $7.60

    Hippey Brand Beef Hot Dogs


    Smoked Sausage

    From: $10.70

    Pepper & Onion Sausage Grillers


    Country Scrapple

    From: $7.50

    Turkey Snack Sticks

    From: $21.00

    Beef Summer Snack Sticks

    From: $21.00

    Landjaeger (Hunter’s Sausage)


    Spicy Beef Snacks

    From: $24.50

    Sweet & Spicy Beef Jerky

    From: $18.60

    Hot Beef Jerky

    From: $18.60

    Original Beef Jerky

    From: $18.60

    Lancaster Style Beef Jerky

    From: $18.60

    BBQ Beef Jerky


    Turkey Jerky


    Polish-Style Smoked Kielbasa


    Pan Pudding

    From: $7.50

    Thick Cut Bacon


    Ham Hocks (Shanks)


    Canadian Bacon

    From: $15.30

    Smoked Pork Chops, 4 pk.


    Peppered Bacon


    Hardwood Smoked Bacon

    From: $13.50

    Bone-In Shankless Ham

    From: $10.00

    Old Fashioned Bone-Removed Ham

    From: $59.90

    Habanero Cheese Cheeses Shop now
    Aged 15 Years! view details

    Clyde’s Private Stock – 15 Yr Aged Cheddar


    Sharp Canadian Cheddar Aged 5 Years view details

    Super Sharp Canadian Cheddar Cheese

    From: $8.70

    Vintage Canadian cheddar Aged 7+ Years view details

    Vintage Canadian Cheddar Cheese


    private stock cheddar Aged for 10+ years view details

    Private Stock Cheddar Cheese


    Hoppin Hot Habanero


    Smoked Lancaster Colby


    Super Sharp Cheddar Spread


    Dried Beef Spread


    Domestic Swiss Cheese




    Havarti w/ Dill


    Horseradish Cheese




    Lacy Lite Swiss Cheese


    Smoked Gouda


    Port Wine Cheese Spread


    Yellow Cheddar Cheese Spread


    Swiss Almond Cheese Spread


    Mediterranean Olive Cheese Spread


    Mexican Jalapeno Cheese Spread


    Bacon Horseradish Cheese Spread


    Mild Longhorn Cheese


    Smoked Cooper Sharp Cheese w/ Black Pepper


    Smoked Horseradish Cheese


    Lancaster Colby Cheese


    Lancaster Conestoga Sharp Cheddar Cheese


    shoofly pie Lancaster Favorites Shop now

    Lancaster Favorites


    From: $7.50

    Apple Butter


    Shoofly Pie


    Hammond’s Pretzels

    From: $3.20

    Sticky Buns


    Long’s Horseradish

    From: $6.10

    Fancy Stuffed Peppers


    Peanut Butter Filled Pretzels Nuggets


    Nance’s Mustard


    Susan Ann’s Dipping Mustard


    Country Butter


    Apple Snitz


    Chow Chow


    Bean Soup Mix


    Weaver’s Party Mix – 8 oz.


    Dipping Pretzels


    Martin’s Pretzels


    Sea Salt Flatbread Crackers


    Wheat Crackers


    Pot Pie Noodles


    Zerbe’s Potato Chips


    Grandma Utz Potato Chips


    Wilbur Chocolate Buds


    Honey Mustard Pretzels Pcs.


    red pepper jelly Sides & Snacks Shop now

    Sides & Snacks


    From: $7.50

    Apple Butter


    Peach Salsa


    Bread & Butter


    Sweet Midget Pickles


    Strawberry Preserves


    Peach Mango Salsa


    Black Bean & Corn Salsa


    Peach Habanero Salsa


    Apple Salsa


    Sweet Heat Mixed Pickles


    Kosher Genuine Dill


    Hungarian Pepper Relish


    Hot Sweet Garlic Chips


    Berry Jam


    Candied Sweet Orange Pickles


    Candied Sweet Mixed Pickles


    Candied Apple Cinnamon Chunks


    Red Pepper Jelly


    Raspberry Preserves


    Raspberry Fig Jam


    Pecan Apple Butter


    Peach Preserves


    Peach Jalapeno Jam


    Peach Butter


    Cherry Preserves


    Blueberry Preserves


    Shoofly Pie


    Hammond’s Pretzels

    From: $3.20

    Sticky Buns


    Martin’s Pretzels


    Wilbur Chocolate Buds


    Honey Mustard Pretzels Pcs.


    tea Coffee and Tea Shop now

    Coffee and Tea

    Breakfast Blend


    S. Clydes Blend Decaf.


    S. Clydes Blend


    Red Rose Coffee


    Café Milano Coffee


    Hazelnut Coffee


    East Frisian Blend Tea


    Pearls of the Nile Tea


    Earl Grey Tea


    Honey Ginger Tea


    Ginseng Tea


    Almond Cookie Tea


    Apricot Tea


    Lavender Earl Grey Tea


    Stress Reliever Tea


    Decaf Hazelnut Coffee


    Jamaican Me Crazy Coffee


    Decaf Jamaican Me Crazy Coffee


    Wilbur Cocoa Breeze Coffee


    Back Porch Tea


    Gift Packs Shop now

    Gift Packs

    Send a Virtual Gift Card


    Spectacular Treats – SU


    Snacking Sampler – SF


    Patchwork of Flavors – ST


    Healthy Snacks – SS


    Weaver’s Goody Basket – SP


    Great Temptations – SO


    Favorite Munchies – SN


    Pretzel Delights – SM


    Snacks-to-Go – SL


    Goody Sampler – SK


    Sweet Gestures – SJ


    Sweet & Salty – SC


    Supreme Snacking – SW


    Bountiful Treats – SX


    International Cheeses – CN


    Simply Cheeses – CM


    Cheese Sampler – CL


    Cheese Delights – CK


    Cheesy Treats – CJ


    S. Clyde’s Cheddar Trio – CH


    Snacking Favorites – CE


    Savory & Sweet Treats – CC


    Halftime Treats – CB


    Cheesy Snacks – CA


    Cheese Treasures – CF


    Little Treasures – SE


    Lancaster Flavors – TH


    Family Favorites

    From: $123.00

    The Ultimate Gift Pack – MO


    Crowd Pleaser – MN


    Celebration – MM


    Hearty Hospitality – ML


    Party Sampler – MH


    Cabin Treats – MK


    PA Dutch Snack Basket – MF


    Taste of Lancaster County – ME


    Snackin’ Favorites – MC


    Weaver’s Favorites – MB


    Best of Lancaster – MD


    PA Dutch Pack – MJ


    Ham Basket – HA


    Lancaster County Sampler

    From: $53.25

    Snack Basket – MG


    Chocolate Temptations – TF


    Mancave Meats – TE


    Warm Up – TD


    Traditional Lancaster Favorites – TA


    Family Gathering – HG


    Bountiful Basket

    From: $172.75

    Simple Favorites

    From: $62.50

    Grand Sampler Basket

    From: $101.50

    Welcome to Our Online Store

    Brimming With Smoked Meats, Cheeses and More

    Sometimes, you simply cannot get to S. Clyde Weaver in Lancaster County. We understand, which is why we want to come to you! Our online store has plenty of Lancaster smoked meats and cheeses for sale, as well as everything from preserves and pickles to salsa and sweets.

    Discover how easy and convenient it can be to have authentic PA Dutch country ingredients delivered right to your doorstep with just a few clicks. We look forward to adding more flavor and character to your table.

    Staying True to Our Lancaster County Roots

    Many people who appreciate Lancaster County traditional recipes want to know how we offer such genuine tastes to our customers. The answer is that we have not changed our treasured recipes for the 100 years we’ve been in business. This loyalty allows us to bring authenticity to every product we offer. It also allows you to taste exactly what our ancestors on the farm would have eaten after a hard day working or on a relaxing Sunday afternoon.

    Our commitment to the old-fashioned, time-honored ways of the PA Dutch culinary innovators requires more patience and thoroughness, but we know it’s worth the extra effort. Every time you slice into a boneless smoked ham or enjoy a pickled relish, you can be sure you’re getting the highest quality food on the market.

    Join us as we celebrate Lancaster County in all of its delicious glory. Order your favorite smoked meats for sale along with other sweet treats and savory nibbles now.

    Offering Smoked Meats, Smoked Cheese and Much More

    The signature product lines that distinguish our store as a leader in providing Lancaster County foods are absolutely our smoked meats and cheeses. Not only do we take our time to elicit the strongest natural flavors from the best cuts of meat we can find, but we rigorously test batches of everything we produce. This process allows us to confidently say that our products are always second to none. A great example of our policy of unending testing is our aged cheddar cheese. By checking in on the cheddar during its aging process of up to 10 years, we ensure that it’s suitable for carrying our label.

    Of course, smoked meats like hams and beef are not the only stars of our online store. You’ll find dozens of other products that you may not have realized came from Lancaster County. For instance, have you ever heard of chow chow? This pickled treat includes a number of last-of-the-harvest vegetables. We assume that early settlers pickled everything together into a chow chow mix in order to make sure they wasted nothing. If you love pickles and relish, you’ll surely appreciate the sour-sweet taste of chow chow.

    Looking for desserts? We have those too. From Wilbur chocolate buds that have been treats since the late 1800s to old-world shoo-fly pie, you’ll find countless options to indulge in after dinner or as a tasty pick-me-up. Serve your favorites with some of our coffee and tea products for the finishing touch!

    Favorite Lancaster, PA, Foods From S. Clyde Weaver

    Whether shopping for yourself or looking to send a gift of food, we have a wide variety of delicious products for everyone. We ship orders every Monday and Tuesday year-round. During the warmer months anywhere from May-September products may require 1 day shipping, resulting in higher shipping rates. Orders placed online will be sent out the next mailing day. We look forward to serving you.