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    Lancaster County Classics for Holidays and Events

    Holidays have always been times for feasting and gathering in Lancaster County, PA.

    Now, you can treat family and friends to time-honored favorites from our online store. No matter where you live, you’ll be able to instantly enjoy the authentic flavors and recipes of our earliest east coast German settlers.

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    Smoked Meats & Other Holiday Favorites for Sale

    Planning to have lots of folks to your house for an upcoming holiday? Try our satisfying smoked boneless ham as an Easter ham or Christmas ham. Made from the highest quality meat and smoked to perfection, this delicious staple is simple to carve. The longer you cook it at a low temperature, the juicier and tastier it will become. Consider adding a sugar or fruit-based glaze to bring out the natural hints of sweetness in the smoked meat.

    Thinking about serving smoked meat for a larger celebration, such as a wedding or birthday party? Make your centerpiece star a smoked ham from S. Clyde Weaver.

    Smoked Meats for Super Bowl Sunday

    Super Bowl Sunday usually involves lots of finger foods. From nibbles like jerky to condiments such as sweet-spicy salsa, we have your whole game day covered. All you need to do is supply the people, and we’ll happily take care of the foods, right down to the smoked meats.

    Smoked Meats for Independence Day

    What could be more classically American than serving smoked meats for the 4th of July? Our forefathers and foremothers used smoking as a way to preserve the meat they produced for months. Not only did they create mouthwatering recipes, but they wrote those recipes down, which means you can still enjoy their culinary cleverness today.

    Whether you’re having an Independence Day pool party picnic featuring sandwiches or grilling up a storm, let S. Clyde Weaver supply you with the smoked meats to punctuate your celebration.

    Smoked Meats for Memorial Day

    Are you planning to host a gathering for Memorial Day this year? Include a platter of smoked meats from S. Clyde Weaver. We smoke all our meats exactly the same way our ancestors did. Though it takes patience to wait while items like ham, bacon and beef reach maturity, we believe you’ll see why it’s worth the wait. One bite and you’ll vow to always have Memorial Day smoked meats on your table.

    Lancaster Thanksgiving Ham for Sale

    Turkey may be synonymous with Thanksgiving, but plenty of households have moved away from serving just turkey during their feast day. In fact, smoked ham is fast becoming a favorite on the Thanksgiving buffet table.

    Give your visitors a choice of meats by offering any type of smoked ham from our product line. One taste and they’ll definitely come back for seconds — maybe even thirds! Be sure to check out our Lancaster County, PA, pies and coffees to wrap up your meal.

    Order the best holiday smoked meat for sale in time for your upcoming get-together, and be sure you have all your gift-giving finished by ordering Lancaster County food gift trays and more for everyone on your list.