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  • Smoked Bolognas

    Our bologna is smoked with various ingredients to suit your ideal preference for spices and flavor. Weaver’s Smoked Meats & Cheese enjoys crafting our own recipes to share with our loyal customers.

    Ham on Wood Plank

    Lancaster Bolognas for Sale

    S. Clyde Weaver aims to offer a smoked meat for every customer. The perfect complement to any sandwich or platter, our smoked bologna pairs well with cheeses, sandwiches and sides alike. Ranging from Lebanon, Farm Style, Old Fashioned Sweet and Ring Bologna, Weaver’s has the supply to feed any size gathering.

    Pennsylvania Bologna for Sale

    Focusing in on Pennsylvania Dutch culture, Weaver’s has the capability to prepare Lebanon Bologna. This Bologna is comparable to dried meats such as salami and tastes like a mild sausage with a smokey kick. When visiting our order pages, you can see that S. Clyde Weaver incorporates a number of different spices to augment the taste of our bologna products.

    Farm Style SweetWeaver’s loves a good kick of flavor from its bologna. Our original Farm Style Bologna blend offers a sweet taste with a little pepper to our customers. This bologna recipe has stood the test of time for decades. Try it today!

    Lebanon Bologna: Infusing smokey flavor into our all-beef bologna creates for tart, lip-smacking results. With a touch of Pennsylvania Dutch tradition, Weaver’s wants to celebrate Lancaster County heritage with our Lebanon Bologna.

    Old Fashioned Sweet: Smaller in diameter, we channel that smokey character that our customers enjoy into this sweet tasting meat.

    Garlic Ring Bologna: This is another S. Clyde Weaver classic recipe. The garlic smoke flavor in this bologna ring tastes excellent with cheese!

    Regular Ring Bologna: For those who are not up for the garlic kick, customers can try our pork and beef smoked bologna. A great addition to any food platter, your guests can snack accordingly.

    Taste Lancaster County Bologna

    S. Clyde Weaver encourages food lovers across the U.S. to shop through our online store. In addition to our Pennsylvania bologna, we supply a number of smoked hams, cheeses, beef and sausages. If you’re wondering what to try next, visit our Gift Packs page to find bundles of hand-picked favorites for your next gathering.

    Stopping by any one of our eight locations guarantees freshness and a chance to sample a number of our smoked products. Don’t let your location stop you from accessing Lancaster smoked bologna for sale. Weaver’s Smoked Meats & Cheese ships orders to residents living within the United States, so you can bring the taste of Lancaster, Pennsylvania to your door.

    The best way to stay in touch with Weaver’s is to sign up for our online store. You’re just moments away from receiving promotional codes, order tracking numbers and recipes with registration. Channel some Pennsylvania Dutch culture and stop by Weaver’s today.