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  • Ham Hocks

    Smoked ham hocks offer a savory and filling addition to any meal. Whether you enjoy this meat alone or pair it with a bean soup mix, our ham hocks will transform your next meal. Order online today and experience our Lancaster specialties for yourself!

    Ham on Wood Plank

    Ham Hocks for Sale

    Ham hocks, or shanks, look just as good as they taste. The meat comes from the lower portion of a hog’s leg, resulting in a cut of meat that’s much fattier than the rear.

    While often served on special holidays like Christmas or Easter because of its pleasing appearance and delicious taste, smoked ham hocks can be enjoyed for any occasion or meal throughout the year.

    About Our Smoked Ham Hocks

    At Weaver’s, our smoked ham hocks will add the perfect meaty taste to all kinds of entrees, broths and soups. To create these products, we take our shankless bone-in ham and remove the shank portion, which serves as our ham hocks. We also remove the skin, creating a skinless shankless cut of meat. The result is a meaty cut that has a delicious texture no matter how you decide to use it.

    Through our curing and smoking process, we infuse our ham hocks with the perfect finish of smoky flavor. The taste pairs well with a variety of slow-cooked recipes. You can also pair it with vegetables like green beans for a delicious and filling meal.

    Get a Taste of Our Lancaster Legacy

    Here at S. Clyde Weaver, we’ve been smoking meats since 1920. Throughout our 100 history, we’ve continued using the same unique recipes and are proud to be an industry leader in smoked meats, pork products and aged cheese.

    We locally source our ingredients as much as possible to ensure the freshest and most authentic Lancaster taste.

    Whether you visit our store or order online, Weaver’s is your one-stop market for specialties like smoked ham hocks.

    Get Smoked Ham Hocks Delivered to Your Door

    If you want to experience the true taste of Lancaster County, but you don’t live close to our store, S. Clyde Weaver has you covered. Our online shop makes it possible for you to experience our home-cooked favorites no matter where you live in the United States.

    For an additional fee, we’ll ship your order and provide you with updates on your meat’s transportation status. In the summer, you’ll receive your package within one day to make sure it arrives just as fresh and flavorful as when it left our store.

    Check Out Weaver’s Smoked Ham Hocks for Sale

    Here at S. Clyde Weaver, our online store is open 24/7 to satisfy your cravings for Lancaster favorites. Sign up today to receive exclusive offers on our products. We also invite you to reach out if you have any questions about our smoked specialties.

    Check out our smoked ham hocks and place your online order today.