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Large Eyed Swiss Cheese

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From an award-winning cheesemaker, this Swiss cheese brings full flavor to the table.

Bring full flavor to your table with S. Clyde Weaver’s award-winning Swiss cheese, for sale online. Our large-eyed Swiss is made in 200-pound blocks, requiring 2,000 pounds of milk per block. We make so much at one time because this cheese is a hit!

At S. Clyde Weaver’s, we use large-eye Swiss, which contains too many eyes for the packaging industry. We prefer this type of cheese for the appearance and extra flavor that it has due to its longer curing time. When large eyes form, the Swiss block grows taller to allow for expansion — equivalent to bread rising due to yeast. Taste the difference!

Weaver’s large-eyed Lancaster Swiss comes in heavy plastic packaging to hold moisture and protect the delicious flavor.

Weaver’s Smoked Meats & Cheeses carries the best quality Swiss cheese on our online store, which means you can grab some anytime, anywhere. Buy our large-eyed Swiss cheese online today!


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