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Smoked Boneless Ham

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Our famous natural hardwood smoked ham. Boneless and 96% lean.

At your next family gathering or holiday meal, enjoy the classic flavor of our famous natural hardwood smoked ham. S. Clyde Weaver’s boneless hams are known for their beautiful texture and rich flavor. We use just the right combination of quality ingredients and natural wood smoke to accent the enticing aroma and appearance of this premium ham. At Weaver’s, we smoke our boneless ham using our own recipe for guaranteed quality.

Our 96% lean ham is fully trimmed, then carefully netted and hung in the smokehouse. S. Clyde Weaver is famous for giving the hams some extra time in the smokehouse to get the golden brown appearance and sweet, savory taste. Each of our hams is smoked in an open net for a more robust flavor.

Weaver’s carries boneless ham straight from Lancaster County, PA, in a variety of sizes for sale. Whichever size you choose, your family will enjoy the ease of carving with no bone. Our hams are fully cooked — simply heat and serve for a delicious meal. Order your boneless ham online today!


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