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Smoked Boneless Ham

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If you love savory and sweet flavors, you’ll enjoy the classic taste of our boneless hams. Our premium pork comes with a golden brown appearance and an enticing aroma. Shop this delicious option in many available sizes to suit your needs for a casual meal or holiday gathering.

Our Boneless Smoked Ham

At S. Clyde Weaver, we perfected the way we make hams over a hundred years ago. Our process involves fully trimming the 96% lean meat and hanging it in an open net. We use 100% all-natural hardwood smoke without added water. Our recipe of high-quality ingredients and some extra time in the smokehouse enhance the flavor and produce a rich texture.

Popular Boneless Ham for Sale

Our whole boneless hams for sale are easy to serve for a meal. They’re already fully cooked, so you can warm them in the oven and slice pieces to eat without needing to carve around a bone. Our boneless smoked ham pairs with many sides, from vegetables to macaroni and cheese.

Shop Boneless Smoked Ham Online

Sourced locally, our whole boneless hams are prized in Lancaster County and surrounding areas. You can buy our products at one of our store locations in Pennsylvania, in stands at nearby farmers markets or online with fast shipping. Feel free to set up an account with us to shop quickly the next time you want to stock up on your favorite products.

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1 review for Smoked Boneless Ham

  1. James Langley

    Great smoked taste. Love it, and will continue to love it for a long time thank you.

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