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  • Fresh country sausage

    Sausage, Hot Dogs & Scrapple

    Why eat ordinary sausage when you can always have an extraordinary Lancaster original on your table for breakfast, picnics and more? Discover Pennsylvania's finest sausage today.

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    Sausage and Scrapple for Sale From S. Clyde Weaver

    Not sure you can find any fresh Lancaster sausage near you? Let S. Clyde Weaver deliver authentic Lancaster County, PA, sausage and other meat products right to your door. Our meat is locally sourced whenever possible, offering you the freshest flavor you can find.

    Why eat ordinary sausage when you can always have an extraordinary Lancaster original on your table for breakfast, picnics and more? Discover Pennsylvania’s finest smoked sausage for sale online today.

    Sausage Blends From Authentic PA Dutch Recipes

    What makes our S. Clyde Weaver sausage products taste exactly like they did when we opened our doors a century ago? The answer is that we’ve never wavered from the original recipes. Plus, we search high and low for the finest ingredients, ensuring that all of our sausage and other meats have tremendous flavor.

    You can definitely taste the difference in a Pennsylvania kielbasa, Lancaster polish sausage or piece of Lancaster-County-created scrapple. Buy with confidence from us to make every morning a little brighter and tastier.

    Pennsylvania Sausage and So Much More

    When S. Clyde Weaver was first founded, meats were our specialty. Today, we still specialize in making meats that you’ll happily serve your family and guests.

    One of our sausage bestsellers includes bratwurst. The Lancaster County region of Pennsylvania was first settled by people who had a rich German heritage. They brought their unique skill for making sausages, including bratwurst. We’re pleased to say that our bratwurst is made of all pork and has hints of coriander to bring out its succulence. As a milder sausage, bratwurst is great for eating any time of day and tends to please everyone.

    Similarly, our kielbasi also has European roots. With a recipe that echoes old-world Poland, the kielbasi comes to you fully cooked and smoked to perfection. Feel free to slice it to eat immediately with our smoked cheese and PA Dutch country wheat crackers, or grill it for your next sandwich or salad.

    Certainly, our fresh country sausage is always going to be a hit. Again, it’s made from pork with just salt and pepper for a touch of seasoning. Really, you couldn’t ask for a more versatile type of sausage. In fact, you may end up adding country sausage to some of your go-to dishes. Lancaster County sausage can make even old favorites seem new again. Order our fresh sausage for sale online or in-store today.

    Grab Some Lancaster County Country Scrapple for a Morning Treat

    Many people who hail from the southeastern part of Pennsylvania are familiar with scrapple, which is a mixture of pork, spices and grains blended and cooked to form a solid brick. Serve S. Clyde Weaver’s signature scrapple by pan-frying half-inch-thick slabs. Many people like to top their scrapple with our sweet apple butter or real maple syrup for even more delicious tastes.

    Scrapple pairs nicely with eggs, smoked bacon and other traditional breakfast items. You may also want to include it as part of your next brunch buffet as a tribute to tasty, hearty and genuine Lancaster County, PA, cooking.