Amish Butter Cheese

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Amish butter cheese is a soft, smooth, and creamy cow’s milk cheese. It has ties to Lancaster’s German and European beginnings. S. Clyde Weaver Amish Butter Cheese has a buttery flavor and appearance, but the cheese is butter free. It is often described as mild, and creamy partly due to its brief aging time and a higher fat content than other cheeses. The soft texture and mild saltiness will remind you of Mild Longhorn Cheese, or Lancaster Colby Cheese. Amish Butter Cheese is often sliced and added to sandwiches, cubed for snacking, or melted for cooking. Pair it with Hammond’s Pretzels and a nice beer. S. Clyde Weavers Amish Butter Cheese is light in color, ranging from white to light yellow-orange. Be sure to check out S. Clyde Weaver’s full line of cheddars for snacking!

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