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At S. Clyde Weaver, we season quality meat with cracked black pepper to make this flavorful jerky. Trimming the lean meat into strips and drying it with traditional methods cultivates a firm texture. Enjoy the timeless and savory taste of this rich protein sourced locally in Pennsylvania by ordering our beef jerky today!

Lancaster’s Favorite Beef Jerky for Sale

Our original jerky recipe is a classic and special blend, and the robust and hearty taste is popular in Lancaster Country. You can’t beat the subtle yet powerful flavor of our seasoning.

If you want to expand your snack palette, explore all the other jerky and meat sticks we offer. Our company provides sweet, spicy and hot options with unique and creative flavorings, including delicious maple and fruity mango.

Where to Buy Our Jerky in Pennsylvania

To shop our impressive collection of beef jerky in person, visit one of our store locations or farmers market stands in Pennsylvania. We’re proud to provide our local communities with the freshest supply of premium meats and the finest cheeses available on the market.

Buy S. Clyde Weaver’s Beef Jerky Online

Take your snacking to the next level when you buy our original jerky. We provide fast shipping, so you can satisfy your craving sooner. Add your preferred quantity to your cart and place your order today!

1 review for Original Beef Jerky

  1. Neal

    This jerky is full of flavor, and made for a great snack!

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Ingredients: Beef, Seasonings C-Seasoning (Salt, Sugar, MSG, and Pure Extracted Spice Flavorings), Spice Original Sticks Seasoning (Salt, Pepper), White Sugar, Quick Cure (Salt, Sodium Nitrite).

*Percent values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.