fresh bratwurst sausage

Fresh Bratwurst Sausage

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Traveling throughout Germany taught us the excellence of bratwurst. At Weaver’s Smoked Meats & Cheeses, we’ve developed a German-style, lightly seasoned, all-pork bratwurst that’s tasty and healthfully lean. The recipe has been brought all the way from Germany to Lancaster County — and ultimately to your lunch or dinner plate.

“Bratwurst” is a broad term for German-style sausage, most commonly spiced with pepper, mace, coriander, nutmeg, rosemary, and white pepper. Textures range from a fine, hot-dog-like consistency to a medium-coarse grind. At Weaver’s, we have fresh Lancaster bratwurst sausage for sale that’s ready to be cooked and enjoyed.

We recommend steaming our fresh bratwurst sausage grillers for 10-15 minutes, then pan-frying or grilling to a crispy brown texture. In Germany, bratwurst is often served with potatoes, sauerkraut, a pickle and well-seasoned mustard. Bratwurst also makes a delicious sandwich, served on a roll and garnished with sautéed onions and mustard.

Excite your kitchen with the authentic taste of Pennsylvania German sausage. Order online today!


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