Fresh country sausage

Fresh Country Sausage

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Fill your kitchen with the aroma of fresh country sausage from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Weaver’s sausage is a savory blend of lean pork and salt and pepper, stuffed into a natural casing. We use the best quality butcher’s pepper with a medium grind to give our fresh country sausage exceptional flavor as a breakfast side dish or tasty entrée.

Our fresh sausage, also known as “rope sausage” or “coil sausage,” is intended for immediate enjoyment. Over the years, S. Clyde Weaver has developed an extra lean sausage with mild seasonings that are unique to Lancaster County butchers. We recommend steaming the sausage in water to start the cooking process, then pan frying to the desired golden brown crispiness. You can also bake sausage with many traditional Pennsylvania recipes.

Weaver’s Smoked Meats & Cheeses has fresh country sausage for sale in large links, largely sourced from local farms in Lancaster. Buy our fresh Pennsylvania sausage online today!


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