Gather Round the Table

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S. Clyde Weaver makes it easy and convenient to enjoy a casual meal or festive occasion. You can get everything you need with our ham bundle for sale. Our famous pork comes fully cooked, with an appealing golden brown color. It’s double-smoked with 100% natural hardwood to create a tender texture and juicy flavor. It pairs well with our crispy, mouthwatering bacon and smooth cheeses. A rich, sticky-sweet pie is the perfect finishing touch.

What’s Included in Our Ham Bundles for Sale?

For generations, families around Central Pennsylvania have enjoyed our bone-in ham. It has become a classic staple for many living in Lancaster County and surrounding areas. When you buy our set, you’ll receive the following products:

Benefits of Buying Bundles From S. Clyde Weaver

Since 1920, S. Clyde Weaver has served communities throughout Pennsylvania and beyond. We’re proud to provide the high-quality and distinct flavors you know and love. When you buy our bundles, you receive:

  • Peace of mind: We assemble your customized order and deliver it straight to your doorstep.
  • Traditional tastes: We use old-fashioned methods to perfect the taste of our products.
  • Money-saving opportunities: We offer a cost-effective way to get all the ingredients and foods you need.

Prepare for a Gathering With Friends and Family

Ready for a delicious dinner or holiday party? You can order your ham bundle ahead of time to prepare for your occasion. Place your order today!


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