Long's Horseradish

Long’s Horseradish

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Long’s only use three choice ingredients in our horseradish: select grade horseradish roots, distilled vinegar, and water. That means it’s 100% pure and all-natural. It also means it’s going to be the best horseradish you’ve ever tasted. Long’s is made by hand grinding in Lancaster’s Central Market. Packed in vinegar to give the ultimate robust flavor of horseradish. Horseradish roots are best harvested after frost for highest flavor levels. Roots are then stored for use year round. Knowing the farm location and soil type helps to assure the best flavor roots. Roots are hand trimmed to remove brown skin. Ground root is bright white. Often eaten with scrapple and pan pudding as well as roast beef. Flavor may fade if stored a long time before using. Refrigerate on arrival to preserve flavor. Pure root- no added flavors

Five generations of the Long family have been handcrafting horseradish since 1902. We still make our horseradish by hand in small batches, just like the old days. No fancy machinery or preservatives, only the purest ingredients and over 100 years of tradition.


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