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Bacon is a favorite at breakfast tables and a great source of flavor for many dishes. The versatile red meat provides a rich, salty taste and melt-in-your-mouth, yet crispy texture. You can stock up on the best-quality ingredients when you buy S. Clyde Weaver’s bacon box for sale.

What’s in the Bacon Bundle?

S. Clyde Weaver provides the superior taste of bacon made the traditional way. We start with the leanest pork bellies and smoke them with 100% all-natural hardwood and no water added. Through this method, our products reach exceptional levels of salty, sweet or peppery flavors. Our bundle includes the following:

Benefits of Bacon Gift Boxes

What’s the best gift for a bacon lover? A bundle of S. Clyde Weaver products, of course! These bundles are available all year round, which makes them perfect for a birthday, holiday or special occasion. Send them to someone as a housewarming or get-well present. They provide these perks:

  • Easy shopping: We put all the high-quality items together and deliver them to you.
  • Money-saving opportunities: We offer incentives like lower costs when you buy our bacon products in a bundle.
  • Versatility in the kitchen: We share recipes on our blog so you can find inspiration for meals like pizza, casserole, stew and baked beans.

Give the Gift of a Bacon Bundle to Yourself or Friends and Family

Whether you’re a bacon enthusiast or want to give someone a gift, we’re proud to offer the best bacon bundles for sale in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, and beyond. Place your order today!

*In the rare occurrence that we run out of our bacon ketchup, this product may be substituted by a similar bacon product.


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