SCW Vidalia Onion Steak Sauce

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Perhaps the crowning glory of the line of S. Clyde Weaver sauces is our SCW Vidalia onion steak sauce we now offer in addition to our line of BBQ sauces and glazes. Many households now refuse to be without. You can see the pieces of onion in our SCW Vidalia onion steak sauce that has a distinct smell. Our steak sauce is quickly becoming one of America’s favorite condiments, and we guarantee it will be your new favorite! 

We make our sauces and glazes the old-fashioned way, with bold smack-you-in-the-mouth flavors! The first ingredient in all of our sauces and glazes is LOVE. Our Vidalia onion steak sauce makes your favorite steak on the grill that much more delicious. No one is quite sure how it is so good, but with a few douses of our steak sauce your mouth and tastebuds are transformed into a euphoria of amazement!


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