Smoked Cooper Sharp Cheese

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Cooper Sharp cheese is a very popular processed sharp cheese mainly found around the Philadelphia metropolitan area. The cheese that many people and their grandparents grew up with. SO, WE WENT AHEAD AND SMOKE IT! Using a cold smoke process helps add a natural smoke flavor to your favorite melty cheese without actually melting it! Cooper sharp is creamy, sharp, and melts very well, and now with a delicious smokey taste. It is the perfect addition to any burger and sandwich or it can be used to make one of the most-meltiest of grilled cheeses. Use it for cheesesteaks, cheese sauces, or incredible mac n cheese. Shred Cooper sharp on your salads, tacos or nacho, or simply anything that needs to be topped with cheese. Be sure to check out S. Clyde Weaver’s full line of cheddars for snacking!


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