Beef Summer Snacks

Beef Summer Snack Sticks

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A mild blend of spices makes this all-beef snack stick perfect for just that… snacking

Since the early 20th century, S. Clyde Weaver has been bringing customers all over the country a taste of Lancaster, PA’s finest local flavors. These Beef Summer Snack Sticks are made with natural beef and infused with special mild seasoning, packing a savory flavor punch in every bite. Beef snack sticks are a convenient way to get a satiating dose of protein, iron and other important nutrients — and they’re absolutely delicious too!

You can pair beef snack sticks with various cheeses and other types of snack sticks, like landjaeger snack sticks, for an extra protein boost. We recommend pairing Beef Summer Snack Sticks with aged cheddar cheeses or smoked cheese varieties for the ultimate flavor combination experience. – Old Wisconsin brand.

You can taste the Lancaster difference for yourself when you order beef snack sticks online — we’ll have them shipped right to your door anywhere in the continental U.S.!


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