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Need some fuel for the kids before they go to soccer practice? Or, want to satisfy your cravings while you watch your favorite shows? Almost any occasion is instantly better with snacks! Our bundle includes the most popular Lancaster County snack foods available at S. Clyde Weaver.

What’s Included in Our Snack Food Bundle?

It’s hard to decide if salty, savory or cheesy flavors are the best. That’s why we gave you all three choices! Our cheese, pretzels, and bologna or beef jerky snacks are great on their own. They also make wonderful pairings and leave you feeling content when you eat them together. Our snack food bundle for sale includes:

Why Buy Our Snack Food Bundle?

Snacks are essential, especially when you need a boost of energy between meals. Here are some benefits of buying our bundles:

  • Easy shopping: We offer a simple way to stock your pantry and refrigerator by gathering items for you. You can pick up the items in-store or have them delivered straight to your doorstep.
  • Saving opportunities: We help you save with bundles. You can compare the costs of individual items to see the difference.
  • Awesome discoveries: We’re passionate about tasty flavors. Buy a bundle to try different snacks for the first time and see what you like — who knows, you might find your new favorite foods!

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