21 year old cheddar cheese Aged for 21+ years

Ultra-Rare 21 Year Aged Cheddar

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For the holiday season, we like to share with you something a little more special. we have released our ultra-rare 21-year-old cheddar from our cheese vault. Only the highest quality cheese can withstand the slow-aging process for so many decades. Only a limited amount makes the cut. Recently our 7 yr. and 10 yr. aged cheddars won a silver medal at the World Cheese Awards in Norway. This is that same cheddar but aged much longer! During our grading, only a small number of cheddar batches are identified as EXCEPTIONAL candidates for a unique level of aging; pushing the cheddar out to 10, 15, and now 21 years.

In 1920 our founders, S. Clyde and his wife Emma started selling meats and cheeses in local Farmer’s Markets. With a foundation of trust, they set a business standard with a commitment to high-quality products. Over the years we have perfected our craft of smoking meats, like our Best in PA Bacon, and aging cheeses which has led to this one-of-a-kind cheddar. Our 100th anniversary allows us to continue this legacy and
take it to the next level providing customers with a truly unique and rare food experience.

This “Private Stock 21-Year Cheddar” was crafted in February 2002, by highly skilled cheesemakers in the Quebec Province Canada. Since its arrival, we have been very carefully grading, tasting, and patiently waiting throughout the 21-year slow aging process. We have been grading cheeses for premium quality since the late 1920s. Then in the 1940s, we developed our aging programs to assure our supply of perfectly aged quality cheddars. Over time these techniques of grading and slow-aging have helped us to master the art of aging cheddar.


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