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  • Meat – Best Practices

    Smoked hams and sausages
    • Put meat items in the coldest part of the refrigerator, usually the meat drawer; low 30s for temperature.
    • Our markets use deli bags to wrap the products. This special type of bag is an excellent substitution for paper.
    • Leave meat items wrapped in the wax paper/deli bag that you receive them and rewrap in the same. Wrap
    • Lunch meat can become sticky if it’s wrapped directly in plastic wrap, tin foil, or plastic bags. Wrap first in paper
      or deli bag.
    • If you put wrapped meats in a plastic bag, fold over the end but do not seal the bag.
    • Moisture helps to speed up the growth of bacteria, therefore a product such as turkey (more moisture) will not last as long as Lebanon bologna (drier).

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