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To serve up a classic Lancaster breakfast, buying country scrapple is a must. Our Pennsylvania scrapple celebrates the state’s Dutch and German roots and is unique to the Lancaster County region.

What is scrapple? Country scrapple or “poor man’s bacon” starts with a blend of pork meat. The meat is cooked until tender and seasoned with salt, pepper and mild spices. Then, cornmeal and buckwheat flours are added, and the mixture is cooked until firm. The product is placed into pans and chilled to create a delicious, ready-to-slice block of scrapple. Meat, roasted cornmeal and an accent of black pepper blend well together for a savory flavor.

Wondering how to best cook the Lancaster pork scrapple you find for sale? Slice scrapple into 1/2-inch-thick pieces, then pan fry or bake to form a crust on the surface. Weaver’s Lancaster pork scrapple is lean and flavorful, perfect for serving with breakfast or any meal. Scrapple toppings can include syrup, horseradish, mustard, apple butter or jelly.

S. Clyde Weaver has one-pound and six-pound Pennsylvania country scrapple loaves for sale on our online store. Order yours today!


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