Grand Slam Snack Sticks

Grand Slam Snack Sticks

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A blend of elk, venison and buffalo pack these game sticks with a ton of flavor. The perfect healthy snack or enjoy cut up with gourmet cheese and crackers.

Over the past century, S. Clyde Weaver has been bringing the best of Lancaster County’s delicacies to customers all over the country. Our Amish-Country-inspired meatscheesessnacks and spreads are made with care and artisan skill, and our Grand Slam Snack Sticks are no exception. One of our most popular meat stick products, these wild game meat snack sticks blend elk, buffalo and venison into one delicious morsel and infused with our famous seasoning.

Especially if you’ve enjoyed wild game meat sticks such as bison snack sticks or venison jerky, you’ll love our Grand Slam Snack Sticks. This savory product pairs well with aged and smoked cheeses and can make an excellent addition to any snack platter.

To taste this unique twist on meat snack sticks, you can purchase this wild game snack stick blend in a 14 oz. pack online today!


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