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Ham Hocks (Shanks)

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Create a savory, crowd-pleasing soup with S. Clyde Weaver’s smoked ham hocks and our flavorful recipe for bean soup. Our Lancaster County ham hocks are perfect for making broths and soups. Traditionally, this smoked meat was served with green beans to celebrate the local harvest. If you’re searching for smoked ham hocks for sale, Weaver’s ham hocks offer a rich smoky flavor with endless options for slow-cooking.

“Ham hocks” are actually ham shanks, which are produced when the shank portion is removed from a shankless bone-in ham. During the trimming process, the skin is also removed from the leg, resulting in the term “skinless shankless.” In Lancaster, ham shanks are prized due to the amount of meat and an excellent texture for slow-cooking. Weaver’s ham shanks are skinless, cured and smoked for incredible flavor and texture.

Order our Lancaster ham hocks and bean soup mix online, and bring home a taste of Pennsylvania Dutch and German culture.


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