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Smoked Ham Hocks (Shanks)

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Our ham hocks, also known as ham shanks, are a crowd-pleaser. They offer a savory, rich taste. If you’re craving an authentic, sweet and smoky flavor that barbecue sauces and liquid smokes can’t replicate, look no further.

A Celebration of Traditional Methods

Over the last hundred years or so, not much has changed with how we make our ham at S. Clyde Weaver. We’re committed to offering you high-quality ingredients without taking any shortcuts. We hand-process our cured hams without added water, using a pure, all-natural hardwood smoke to develop incredible flavor.

We get our 1 ¼-pound shank portions from a shankless bone-in ham and remove the skin from the leg during trimming. Skinless, shankless ham offers the perfect amount of meat and an ideal texture for slow cooking.

Flavorful Recipes With Ham Hocks for Sale

Traditionally, smoked ham shanks were served with green beans to celebrate local harvests. They pair well with vegetables and make a delicious addition to broths and soups. Try a smoked ham hock shredded in a recipe for bean soup if you’re craving comfort food.

A Favorite Choice in Lancaster and Beyond

Our meats and cheeses are well-favored amongst community members in Lancaster and the surrounding areas. Order yours online or visit one of our store locations to try it. You can also buy our ham hocks in stands at farmers markets across Pennsylvania.

Buy Ham Hocks From S. Clyde Weaver Online

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1 review for Smoked Ham Hocks (Shanks)

  1. Matthew (verified owner)

    Made a Navy bean soup with these in a combo of cast iron dutch oven and then moving it to the crock pot. Turned our wonderful and tasty. Another batch for our New YeRs Day feasy!!!

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Ingredients: Smoked Ham Shanks (Cured with Cure Blend [Salt, Sodium Nitrite, Sodium Carbonate], Seasoning [Sugar, Spice Extractives], Sodium Phosphate, Salt).

*Percent values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.