Sand Tart Cookies

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Colorful sprinkles on cookies with seasonal shapes add an element of fun to any day. Indulge in a Pennsylvania-Dutch sand tart as a casual treat or when celebrating a special occasion with family and friends, such as a birthday party or holiday. Select a 7-ounce container or one of our multipacks to enjoy and share.

Sweet and Traditional Baking

We make our sand tart cookies with flour, butter and sugar. We roll the dough out in a uniform, thin sheet and cut it into unique animals, fruits and holiday shapes. After baking the cookies to a light brown color and a crispy texture, we decorate them with vibrant sugar. The cookies snap with a satisfying sound and provide a heavenly, buttery taste.

A Favorite Treat in Lancaster

These famous sand tarts honor the Pennsylvania Dutch culture in Lancaster County and surrounding areas. You can stock up on these treats online or shop in person at one of our store locations and stands at nearby farmers markets. Keep in mind that some breakage in the container is common since the cookies are so thin. Kids of all ages have fun playing with the shapes and gobbling up every piece.

Shop Sand Tart Cookies for Sale Online

If you’d like to get your hands on these sand tarts, go ahead and add them to your cart. They make a delicious treat on their own or when paired with our sticky buns, shoofly pie and other sweets.

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