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  • Why Buying Local Is Important


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    When you run out of a product you use regularly, you probably go out to re-stock with only the product in mind — and not so much where you’ll get it. But did you know that where you buy your products can matter just as much as the products themselves?

    While there’s nothing wrong with buying products from a national retailer, many of us don’t stop to think about where our money is actually going — except out of our pockets, never to be seen again. But what happens when we buy goods and services from local businesses in our communities? More than most people think! Learn more and shop local today.

    Ensure Product Quality

    When you buy or eat local products, you know the food on your plate didn’t have to travel 300 miles to get there. Local food products are fresher and more nutritious (not to mention tastier) than products that have spent time being transported, packaged and stored for days on end. Buying local products also closes the gap between the consumer and the farmer or manufacturer, which enables you to build buyer-seller trust much more easily.

    Boost the Local Economy

    When you buy local or join a buy-local movement, you’re helping your community’s economy by funneling money back into the community rather than ambiguous national chains and corporations. Cities and towns whose citizens support their local businesses have an astronomically higher local business success rate than areas where local businesses and farmers’ markets are neglected.

    Build a Stronger Community

    Local businesses and farmers’ markets tend to draw the same people to the same places rather consistently. Not only are communities able to get to know their local farmers, manufacturers and craftspeople better when they frequent local commerce areas, but they have the opportunity to interact with other consumers in their community. Local commerce is a fantastic way to network with others in your community and foster appreciation for the local industry and culture.

    Help Our Environment

    Products bought locally tend to leave lighter carbon footprints on the environment. Locally produced goods use very little transportation since the distance between the place of manufacturing and the place of selling are minimal. Since local products are designed to be transported and sold relatively quickly, they use far less packaging than products shipped from across the country.

    Create More Local Jobs

    The economic benefits of buying local products are virtually endless. One of these benefits is that buying and eating locally more often creates a higher demand for local products — which in turn creates more local jobs down the road. A booming local market also encourages more local business entrepreneurs to establish their businesses in the community. It’s a win-win all around!

    Buy Local in Lancaster, PA

    If you’re looking for a great way to give back to the Lancaster community and experience local business quality and hospitality, check out S. Clyde Weaver’s wide selection of locally produced goods like meats, cheeses, snacks and more!

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