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  • Old Quebec Cheddar

    The creation process for Old Quebec Cheddar Cheese starts in Quebec, Canada, where cows graze in the Saint Lawrence River Valley. Then, this cheese undergoes a curing process in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Depending on the specific cheddar, it may experience a curing process ranging from three to ten years. Treat yourself to some of the finest cheddars in the world by ordering online today!

    Our Selection of Cheeses

    We carry a few different options for the Old Quebec cheddar line, with each option undergoing a different length of the aging process. Some of the vintage Canadian cheese for sale we offer includes:

    • Old Quebec Cheddar (10 years): Very few cheeses can undergo a 10-year aging process, which makes this cheddar option truly impressive. The result is a crumbly cheese with a rich flavor you’ll want to savor.
    • Old Quebec Cheddar (7 years): Even a tiny taste of this 7-year-old cheddar will reveal big flavors. Pair your cheddar with your favorite beverage or enjoy it by itself for the full experience.
    • Old Quebec Cheddar (3 years): Our 3-year aged cheddar offers a familiar sharp cheddar flavor with a dry crumbly texture. As you savor the vintage Canadian cheddar, you may notice a few floral notes and bright bursts of saltiness.

    Silver Medal Award Winner

    In 2023, Old Quebec entered its 10-year aged cheddar into the World Cheese Awards in Norway. Old Quebec received a silver medal award for their Private Stock and Vintage Reserve Cheddars after beating 4,502 cheeses from 45 different countries. Every type and style of cheese was a part of this competition, and the judges used their years of experience to determine which cheese was the best. It’s an honor to carry a cheese of such a high ranking, and we’re proud to offer one of the finest cheddars in the world.

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    Bring a piece of Quebec and Lancaster County to your plate with old Quebec cheddars. These exceptional cheeses are an excellent option for snacking, as well as adding to charcuterie boards or your favorite dish. Explore our Canadian cheddar cheese for sale to experience exceptional quality cheeses for yourself today!