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Lebanon Bologna

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With its unique smoky, tart flavor, Lebanon bologna is a local Lancaster, PA, favorite. This all-beef bologna is a favorite snack in Lancaster and Lebanon counties and throughout Southeast Pennsylvania. This semi-dry fermented sausage starts with curing and aging lean beef with spices like black pepper, mace, nutmeg and white pepper. This unique combination of spices and acidity give Lebanon bologna its distinct, delicious taste.

At S. Clyde Weaver, our Lebanon bologna is cold-smoked for more than 24 hours using only natural wood smoke. This process helps reduce moisture and achieve a delicious, well-balanced beef flavor. When you buy Weaver’s famous Lebanon bologna, you can enhance your kitchen with the taste of Lancaster, PA, culture.

If you’re looking for traditional Lebanon bologna for sale near you, S. Clyde Weaver’s online store is at your service. Add Lebanon bologna to your online order today!


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