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  • Lancaster Cheddars

    One of the many great things about cheddar cheese is that each variety offers a unique flavor and texture profile. At S. Clyde Weaver, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional Lancaster County cheddar cheeses. Order a block of our cheese online to experience the difference for yourself.

    A Unique Take on Traditional Cheddar

    If you want something spicy or would like to savor the traditional sharpness of cheddar cheese, we offer a wide selection of Lancaster cheddar cheeses for sale such as:

    • Lancaster Conestoga Sharp Cheddar Cheese: We age our Lancaster Conestoga Sharp Cheddar Cheese at 37 degrees for over one year to create a sharp flavor and easy-to-melt texture.
    • Amish Butter Cheese: With a buttery flavor and smooth creaminess, our Amish Butter Cheese is the perfect choice for sandwiches, melting or cooking.
    • Black Pepper Lancaster Cheddar: Our Black Pepper Lancaster Cheddar features a bold pepperiness that pairs nicely with the traditional sharpness of cheddar for a mouthwatering snack option.
    • Chesapeake Lancaster Cheddar: Each block of our Chesapeake Lancaster Cheddar pairs the bright flavors of Old Bay seasoning with a crumbly texture for a cheese that perfectly represents the Chesapeake Bay area.
    • Yellow Lancaster Conestoga Sharp Cheddar Cheese: We age our sharp cheese for over a year, similar to our Lancaster Conestoga Sharp Cheddar Cheese. However, with our Yellow Lancaster Conestoga Sharp Cheddar Cheese, we use annatto, a natural food coloring, to give the cheese a beautiful orange appearance.
    • Garlic & Chives Lancaster Cheddar: Our Garlic & Chives Lancaster Cheddar features a robust garlic flavor and crumbly texture to make it an excellent pairing for wine, crackers and meats.
    • Hoppin Hot Habanero Lancaster Cheddar: Take your snacking up a notch with the moderate spiciness of our Hoppin Hot Habanero Lancaster Cheddar.
    • Kickin’ Buffalo Lancaster Cheddar: If you love buffalo sauce, our Kickin’ Buffalo Lancaster Cheddar is for you. It combines the sharpness of cheddar with the traditional spice of buffalo wing sauce.

    Explore Our Lancaster Cheddar for Sale Online Today!

    Whether you want to stick to a classic or explore our many exciting flavors, we have a cheese option that will satisfy you. Browse our selection online and place an order!