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  • Hardwood Smoked Hams

    From Christmas dinner to Easter celebrations and anything in between, many occasions throughout the year may call for a ham. While you can purchase just any ham for your celebration, why not make it special with a whole smoked ham from S. Clyde Weaver? We've been smoking hams to perfection for over 100 years, and we look forward to making your next meal more delicious.

    Ham on Wood Plank

    Smoked Hams for Any Occasion

    Much like how every holiday is a little different, we offer three different ham options so you can switch it up for any meal. These three varieties are:

    Smoked Boneless Ham

    Our Smoked Boneless Ham is the ideal combination of savory and sweet, making anyone’s mouth water. We only use 100% all-natural hardwood smoke for an exceptional flavor and aroma, and we ensure every ham receives the right amount of time in the smokehouse for an exceptionally rich texture.

    Bone-In Shankless Ham

    With a golden brown color and tender juiciness, our Bone-In Shankless Ham is a great addition to any table. We smoke each ham with 100% all-natural smoke. You get a delicious smokiness that enhances the savory richness of the ham.

    Old-Fashioned Bone-Removed Ham

    Experience the best of Lancaster County with our Old-Fashioned Bone-Removed Ham. As with all of our hams, we add extra smokehouse time to create a blend of smoky sweetness that brings out the ham’s natural savory juiciness.

    Shop Our Selection of Smoked Hams for Sale Online Today

    Whether you want to make your next holiday more special or elevate your next dinner party, our selection of hams is the perfect way to ensure you have a delicious meal. Our hams continue to excite after the meal ends, as the leftovers are excellent for sandwiches or as an ingredient in soups, stews or quiches. Do yourself and your guests a favor by ordering one of our country hams for sale online today!