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    Lancaster County Cookies, Pies and Snacks

    If you have a sweet tooth, you’ve come to the right place. S. Clyde Weaver may be known for its smoked meats and cheeses, but we also specialize in bringing customers authentic dessert items and sweet and savory snacks from PA Dutch country.

    When you want to indulge in something special, reach for Lancaster County pies, pretzels, cookies and other goodies. You can taste their uniqueness and understand immediately why they’re some of our bestselling online store items.

    Place your order for traditional Lancaster desserts for sale today. Why wait to enjoy the very best?

    Lancaster, PA, Pretzels Offer More Than Just Crunch

    Are our Lancaster County pretzels crunchy? You bet, but they offer so much more than a satisfying munch. In fact, our pretzels carry with them some unusual flavors that originated in the Lancaster, PA, area. Some people cannot get enough of our honey mustard pretzels with their sweet-mustard flavorings, either.

    If you thought you tried every pretzel on the planet, we encourage you to expand your taste-testing into Lancaster County foods. These recipes will have your mouth watering!

    Lancaster Cookies for Sale From S. Clyde Weaver

    By and far, one of the biggest seasonal requests is for thin-rolled sand tarts. Neither sandy nor tart, these gems have graced dessert tables and buffets at Thanksgiving and Christmas for generations. In fact, many households refuse to be without classic sand tarts.

    We make our sand tarts the old-fashioned way, which takes a bit longer and requires tremendous patience and expertise. The secret to a sand tart that breaks easily and melts in your mouth is consistent thinness. However, if you’ve ever tried to hand-roll cookie dough until you can almost see through it, you know the skill it takes. All our sand tarts are guaranteed to be the most crave-able cookies you can serve.

    Lancaster Shoofly Pies for Sale Online

    Perhaps the crowning glory of the line of S. Clyde Weaver pies is the shoofly pie. No one is quite sure how it got its name, but with a generous amount of molasses, we can take a guess!

    You absolutely owe it to yourself to try shoo-fly pie at least once. Many people in our local area eat shoo-fly pie not just as a snack after dinner, but as a breakfast treat served with hot, delicious Lancaster County coffee.