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    Jerky and Smoked Meat Snacks

    When you think of snacking options, you may think of crackers, granola bars and fruit. However, at S. Clyde Weaver, we believe our jerky and smoked meat snacks are the perfect snacking option as they provide quick protein without the risk of crumbs and your snack going bad. As a perfectly portable and incredibly flavorful snacking option, we invite you to try our jerky and smoked meat snacks for sale today.

    Ham on Wood Plank

    Flavorful Beef Jerky

    We use the highest quality beef before trimming it into thin slices. After completing our traditional drying process, we add seasonings like warm maple or fruity mango. With sweet, spicy and smoky flavors, our selection of beef jerky for sale online is the perfect choice for a protein-rich snack to make anyone’s mouth water.

    Savory Snack Sticks

    If jerky isn’t your speed, we offer the option to still enjoy meaty goodness on the go with our snack sticks. Choose from options like our Beef Summer Snack Sticks or try something out of the ordinary with meat options like kielbasa, turkey, elk and venison. All of our meat sticks for sale feature our special homemade seasoning to enhance natural flavors and make your snacking experience one of a kind.

    Snacks for Any Occasion

    In addition to our jerky and snack sticks, we offer options like our bologna rings, cocktail cheesers and landjaeger sausage. Slice up our bologna rings for a charcuterie board or as a simple pairing with one of our delectable cheeses. Additionally, our sausage and cocktail cheesers are the perfect party snacks and pair well with cheese, pretzels or a savory sauce to satisfy your appetite.

    Find Your New Favorite Snack at S. Clyde Weaver

    Snacking is more fun with jerky and smoked meat snacks from S. Clyde Weaver. We offer nationwide shipping so you can enjoy our snacking options anywhere and anytime. Browse our meat snack sticks for sale and place an order!