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    Lancaster County Smoked Meat Snacks for Sale

    Many people are surprised to learn that smoked meats such as dried beef and snack sticks have been favorite foods for generations. The German settlers who founded parts of Lancaster County, PA, definitely enjoyed making these treats. Not only were they able to extend the shelf life of premium cuts of beef and other meats, but they could indulge their savory cravings.

    Order Lancaster meat snacks from S. Clyde Weaver online today. With 100 years of experience serving shoppers looking for authentic PA Dutch beef products, we’ll make sure you always get the best.

    Staying True to Our Lancaster County Roots

    What makes S. Clyde Weaver different from other suppliers of meat sticks and snacks like beef jerky? First, we source only the finest ingredients. From the meat we choose to the spices we add, everything has to pass rigorous quality tests. If we do not feel that it’s the choicest meat, we do not put our name on it.

    Next, we trust the recipes that were handed down to us and that we’ve used for more than 100 years. These recipes were good enough for our creative settlers, and we feel that they hold up to any modern recipes you can find. In fact, some of our time-honored recipes are so special that we guard their secrets.

    Finally, we take our time to make smoked meat products. Why rush the process when a little patience creates a better result? Our smoked meats are thoroughly smoky all the way through, not just on the surface. Additionally, they have a hearty, savory taste that can only come from giving them time to properly smoke and cure.

    Excited to try some German cured meats for sale from Pennsylvania? Make your purchase online and have our Pennsylvania beef jerky and more, like wild game sticks, delivered to your home or office.

    A World of Robust Beef Jerky Snacks and Flavors

    If you’re someone who appreciates exceptional beef jerky, you’ll fall head over heels for beef jerky from Lancaster, PA. For instance, if you like a little heat in your snacks, try our hot beef jerky. It brings both kick and flavor to every bite — perfect for snacking during the big game or while you’re tailgating. Want a jerky that’s not spicy but still packs delicious flavor? Our original beef jerky with pepper fits the bill. Cracked pepper is a classic, go-to seasoning among the PA Dutch and goes well with lean cuts of meat.

    Want a beef jerky that’s a little salty without a punch of spice? Lancaster style beef jerky resonates with soy overtones. Serve it as an appetizer at your next party or as a fun after-school snack that packs in some protein.

    Homemade Pennsylvania Snack Sticks

    Beef snack sticks also run the gamut from mild to spicy. Be sure to pick up some of our hunter’s sausage, also called landjaeger. It’s a truly superb example of cured meat snacks straight from the pages of PA Dutch country’s cookbooks.

    Have fun nibbling on the finest jerky and snack sticks from Lancaster County. Buy Lancaster cured and smoked beef and meats today!