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  • Habanero Cheese


    Shopping on our online store gives you a wide variety of cheeses to choose from. With 100 years of experience, we know cheese.

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    hammond's pretzels view details

    Hammond’s Pretzels

    From: $3.99

    Sharp Canadian Cheddar Aged 5 Years view details

    Super Sharp Canadian Cheddar Cheese – 5 Yr

    From: $8.50

    sharp Conestoga cheddar cheese view details

    Lancaster Conestoga Sharp Cheddar Cheese

    From: $6.00

    Vintage Canadian cheddar Aged 7+ Years view details

    7 Yr Aged Cheddar

    From: $12.50

    Swiss Cheese view details

    Large Eyed Swiss Cheese

    From: $5.00

    longhorn cheese view details

    Mild Longhorn Cheese

    From: $4.50

    view details

    Lancaster Colby Cheese

    From: $5.30

    view details

    Cheddar Bacon Horseradish Cheese Spread


    view details

    Port Wine Cheese Spread


    Smoked Gouda view details

    Smoked Gouda

    From: $6.30

    15-year aged cheddar 15-YEAR AGED view details

    15 Yr Aged Cheddar

    From: $26.50

    Horseradish Cheese view details

    Horseradish Cheese


    Habanero Cheese view details

    Hoppin Hot Habanero Lancaster Cheddar

    From: $6.00

    view details

    Yellow Cheddar Cheese Spread


    smoked horseradish cheese view details

    Smoked Horseradish Cheese

    From: $6.30

    private stock cheddar Aged for 10+ years view details

    10 Yr Aged Cheddar

    From: $23.00

    Lacy Lite Swiss Cheese view details

    Lacy Lite Swiss Cheese


    view details

    Swiss Almond Cheese Spread


    Havarti Cheese view details

    Havarti Cheese

    From: $6.30

    Jarlsberg Swiss Cheese view details

    Jarlsberg Swiss Cheese

    From: $11.40

    wheat crackers view details

    Wheat Crackers


    out of stock view details

    Amish Butter Cheese

    From: $5.00

    Havarti Cheese with Dill out of stock view details

    Havarti and Dill Cheese

    From: $6.30

    21 year old cheddar cheese Aged for 21+ years view details

    Ultra-Rare 21 Year Aged Cheddar


    view details

    Cooper Sharp Cheese

    From: $16.50

    view details

    Yellow Lancaster Conestoga Sharp Cheddar Cheese

    From: $6.00

    view details

    Chesapeake Lancaster Cheddar

    From: $6.00

    view details

    Garlic & Chives Lancaster Cheddar

    From: $6.00

    view details

    Black Pepper Lancaster Cheddar

    From: $6.00

    view details

    Smoked Yellow Cheddar

    From: $6.30

    Ham on Wood Plank

    Lancaster County Cheeses for Sale

    Nothing accompanies a fine cut of ham, bacon, or beef better than a slice of cheese. For the most part, the harder the cheese, the better it is for smoking. We have several types of high-quality cheeses for sale online, including smoked horseradish cheese and our smoked gouda. While all of our cheeses melt nicely for cooking, our gouda is an excellent smokey snack!

    Feast your eyes on the S. Clyde Weaver selection of cheeses. From Canadian Sharp Cheddar, Colby, Swiss, and Lancaster cheese spreads, we have a cheese for any taste. Many of our cheeses go perfectly with a salted-pretzel. Drop by one of our locations to taste for yourself.