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    Lancaster County Original Products

    Lancaster County, PA, has enjoyed a rich heritage of producing snacks, condiments, starters and sweets you cannot find anywhere else. At S. Clyde Weaver, we proudly sell authentic recipes that have been shared and trusted for generations. One taste and you’ll be hooked on classic PA Dutch items like chow chow, apple snitz, dried corn and old-fashioned bean mix.

    Stock your pantry today with some favorite food from Lancaster County.


    Lancaster, PA, Pretzels for Sale

    Craving the flavor you can only find in genuine pretzels from Lancaster County? Pick up a few bags of hand-rolled hard pretzels, and peanut butter filled pretzel nuggets. You can indulge in our pretzels right out of the bag or dunk them in stone-ground or creamy dipping mustard. Love a little heat on your pretzels? Stir some horseradish into your mustard for a phenomenal kick to complement your pretzels.

    Apple Spreads and Snacks for Every Meal

    When the apple harvest traditionally took place in Lancaster County, apples were used for a variety of dishes. One of our all-time favorites is apple butter. After being slow-cooked and hand-stirred for hours with other ingredients, apples start to brown and take on a rich, sweet flavor. Apple butter spreads smoothly and goes well with everything from toast to cheese.

    Wish you could eat apples any time? Pick up some apple snitz. These air-dried apple slices are truly gems. Add them to your snacking routine to get the goodness of fresh apples no matter the season.

    Pickled Favorite Foods From Lancaster County

    Before refrigerators and freezers were available, cooks had to figure out how to save their favorite vegetables for later eating. Pickling became a popular way to keep harvested veggies throughout the winter. Plus, the items were incredibly delicious!

    A pickled item exclusive to the Lancaster County area is chow chow. This pickled mixture includes plenty of fall produce, including string beans, lima beans, cauliflower, sweet corn, carrots, celery, onions and kidney beans. Because chow chow is pickled with sugar, it has a wonderful sour-sweet flavor.

    Looking for another snack that you can’t find in many grocery stores outside of southeastern and south central Pennsylvania? Get ready to fall for our cabbage-stuffed peppers — many people eat them right out of the jar! They’re truly unique, as well as perfect for anyone who appreciates the care that goes into producing time-honored classic foods from the farm.

    Give a Gift of Lancaster, PA, Pretzels and More

    If you want to give a gift to someone who enjoys snacking on items that have been treasured for generations, place an order today with S. Clyde Weaver. We make it simple to send a taste of Lancaster County, PA, to any door.