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    Smoked Meats

    With a rich, full flavor and distinctive sweetness, smoked meats are an excellent snacking option for any occasion. At S. Clyde Weaver, we've been smoking meats for over a century and have perfected our method to bring out the most flavor while keeping the meat perfectly juicy. We invite you to buy smoked meats to elevate your next meal or snacking experience!

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    Ham on Wood Plank

    Find a Perfect Pairing for Any Meal With Our Smoked Meats for Sale

    If you want to make your smoked meat the star of your meal or as a pairing, we offer a wide selection of options. Sink your teeth into our Old Fashioned Bone-Removed Ham, which is ideal for special occasions.

    You might also want to have our smoked meats complement your main meal with options like our Hardwood Smoked Bacon. Our mouthwatering bacon strips are excellent as a pairing for eggs, an ingredient in BLTs or a topping on a big juicy burger. Regardless of your choice, we also offer a selection of sauces to add irresistible flavor. Take any meal up a notch with options like our SCW Bacon Ketchup, SCW Vidalia Onion Steak Sauce or SCW Sweet Bourbon Glaze.

    Elevate Your Snacking

    We offer a wide selection of nutrient-rich jerky. If you want a leaner snacking option, we offer turkey jerky in our original flavor and exciting options like maple pepper.

    You can also satisfy your cravings with our snack sticks. These flavorful sticks are portable, so you can enjoy them without worrying about refrigeration. Whether you want to indulge in our Kielbasa and Cheese Snack Sticks or walk on the wild side with our Elk Snack Sticks, we offer plenty of options to give you the energy you need while exciting your taste buds.

    Shop Our Smoked Meats for Sale Online Today

    We smoke our meats using the same methods we used when we started our business over a century ago. With an exceptional line of meats and other products, we make any special occasion or snacking opportunity one to remember. Place an order to experience our outstanding selection of meats for yourself today.